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Spring 2019

Mother Nature’s Towers with Solar Panels Part Two — The Solar Panels

A past issue of Tree Talk (Spring 2018) quoted an anecdote by Professor Jay O’Laughlin, retired director of the College of Natural Resource’s Policy Analysis Group at the University of Idaho, in which he described a tree as “Mother Nature’s Towers with Solar Panels.”  Our first article focused on the components of the wooden tower… Read More »

Idaho’s New Trespass Law

 Major changes in Idaho’s trespass law took place on July 1, 2018. Most of the changes are very beneficial to private landowners; however, there is confusion within the law enforcement community on how they will deal with certain aspects of the new law. In general, “No Trespassing” posting requirements for landowners have been lowered and… Read More »

Spring 2018

More on Western Redcedar

In last spring’s issue of Tree Talk we addressed two important questions regarding the high value of western redcedar logs: 1) What is causing these inflated prices?  And 2) How long this trend will last? (If you missed this article and are curious, you can catch up by going to our website,, where a… Read More »

Mother Nature’s Towers with Solar Panels

Professor Jay O’Laughlin, retired director of the College of Natural Resource’s Policy Analysis Group at the University of Idaho, was noted for his many informative and entertaining presentations. His quick wit, along with a mastery of his subject matter and computer skills, kept the audience anxiously awaiting his next zinger. In one such presentation, combining… Read More »

Fall 2017


The concluding words of a current L.L. Bean television commercial showing people recreating outdoors says, “Be an outsider.” Of course, you can guess the brand of clothing these attractive models chose to wear. Most forest landowners cite recreational activities, along with wildlife, as a major reason they own their forest land. Does your forest management… Read More »

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Sundance Fire

“On September 1, 1967 the lightning-caused Sundance Fire made an unprecedented 6 mile wide, 28 mile long run from near the western base of Sundance Mountain (near Priest Lake) in just 8 hours. It ripped giant trees from the ground, created by its heat convection column equal to a Class-5 tornado, melted an iron girder… Read More »

Spring 2017

IFM Young Guns

Over the years our clients have become well acquainted with our older established foresters. But as time goes by IFM has also been blessed with the opportunity to bring on board younger, and very skilled, graduate foresters. I would like to introduce some of our newer faces. Ryan Pennick Ryan has worked with IFM since… Read More »

What’s Up With Cedar Prices?

In case you haven’t heard, cedar logs and poles are commanding astronomical prices at mills in the Inland Empire. What is causing this phenomenal run-up? And how long will it last? Neither question comes with easy answers. When asked for his opinion, one forester with four decades of cedar experience responded, “I don’t know, so… Read More »

Fall 2016


In the maiden issue of Tree Talk way back in 1997, a feature article discussed Idaho trespass laws and the steps landowners can take to minimize trespassing on their property. Since this continues to be a hot topic and, in 2014, Idaho Senate Bill 1241 modified trespassing statutes, we felt it would be appropriate to… Read More »

Spring 2016

Bark Beetles Attracted to Storm Damaged Trees

Recent history seems to indicate that we are experiencing more windstorms with greater frequency and intensity. Most of us recall the back-to-back windstorms that occurred in July and August 2014. They resulted in road closures, power outages, building damage and many downed trees, in both urban and wildland forests. Another doozy of a storm blew… Read More »

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