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Fall 2011

In Memory

IFM and the North Idaho tree farm family have lost some very special landowners over the last year or so. Two of these individuals, Bob Scates and Dean Stevens, just passed away within the last few months. Bob and Dean were a unique breed—dedicated to land stewardship and also active in the political realm of… Read More »

Making Homes Safer

Inland Forest Management, Inc., was recently awarded the contract for managing Bonfire, Bonner County’s hazardous forest fuels reduction program. This program strives to reduce the risk of wildfire in the wildland/urban interface around communities by removing flammable forest fuels. The federally funded program focuses on creating fuel breaks by thinning and pruning trees and cutting… Read More »

Another Sawmill Down

It was recently announced that the Stimson Lumber Company sawmill in Arden, WA is shutting down. This facility south of Colville was an important player in the cedar log market and also historically cut ponderosa pine. The loss of this facility will impact the price paid by other Stimson log yards for cedar and likely… Read More »

Fall 2010

Preserving Managed Forests

Preserving a managed forest might sound like a contradiction in terms, but there is a way to shield your forest from unwanted development and keep it as a working forest—it’s called a conservation easement. The Situation: An older couple has a deep love for the forestland that they’ve nurtured, managed and protected for many, many… Read More »

Spring 2010

The 1910 Fires

One hundred years ago, an event took place in North Idaho that continues to have a major effect on our forest environment and management policies. On August 20, 1910, toward the end of an unusually dry summer, gale-force winds suddenly struck, transforming multiple existing fires into a huge, explosive conflagration that burned 3.1 million acres… Read More »

Who Is a Forester?

The expertise of a forester can be an invaluable asset as landowners work toward improving their forest. However, there oftentimes is confusion about who qualifies as a forester and how he or she fits into land management. It is the role of a professional forester to maintain the balance between human needs and desires, and… Read More »

Wolcott First in West to be NRCS Certified

The first private forestry professional west of the Mississippi to become a Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) certified forest planner was Mike Wolcott, co-owner of Inland Forest Management, Inc. More recently, other Idaho consulting foresters have become certified. As a Technical Service Provider for private forest owners, Wolcott is certified to complete forest management plans… Read More »

Reducing Fire Hazard

IFM has been recently awarded a contract with Kootenai County to serve as Project Manager for the county’s FireSmart Program. IFM already manages similar programs in Boundary and Benewah Counties, and additional efforts are taking place in other Inland Northwest counties. These efforts involve using federal dollars to reduce hazardous forest fuels around subdivisions and… Read More »

Fall 2009

Carbon Market

There is keen forest landowner interest in the subject of carbon trading and sequestration. In fact, this topic has almost eclipsed the terrible log market as the most common conversation theme among forest owners! This is a confusing subject, which is further complicated by the wide range of organizations and evolving standards determining the future… Read More »

Spring 2009

Vanishing Sawmills

As is so true in today’s world, what once was is no more. At one time the Inland Northwest was blessed with a wide diversity of sawmills and keen competition for landowner logs. When IFM was created 25 years ago, 25 major sawmills dotted the landscape in Idaho’s five northern counties; today there are 12…. Read More »

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