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Fall 2013

NRCS Sign-up

As you may know, the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), has money available to help landowners manage their forest land. These funds can be used for a variety of projects including forest management planning, tree planting and pre-commercial thinning. In order to qualify for planning or thinning money,… Read More »

Spring 2013

Improving Log Markets

Finally, after wallowing at low levels for four years, the log market has come to life and prices are moving upward! Although log values are far from 2006 historic highs, most species are returning to a price where landowners can feel good about selling timber and addressing the forest health needs. Many factors are contributing… Read More »

Green at Last!

As spring brings longer days, the transformation of drab landscapes into lush, green environments begins. Our spirits soar. Green is a fascinating color. Ruminations about it could fill volumes. Green is soothing and relaxing. As such, it is used by many to symbolize peace and ecology. (Ironically, green also may be the color some think… Read More »

Fall 2012


Every good intention I had to get my firewood in early this year met an equally good excuse. First it was too cold then too hot, too wet then too dry, too many bugs, gas prices too high, too many huckleberries to pick, and then the fly fishing was way too good, and now it’s… Read More »

Spring 2012

Bugs Turning Hillsides Brown

Drive south of Coeur d’Alene along Highway 95 and it’s hard to miss the hillsides of brown trees, particularly in the Worley-Plummer area. What, you may ask, is causing this? The culprit is Douglas-fir Tussock Moth (DFTM), a forest pest that feeds on the needles of Douglas-fir, true firs and ornamental spruce trees. DFTM is… Read More »

National Forester Convention

Foresters and landowners from throughout the United States will descend on Spokane this fall for the national convention of the Society of American Foresters (SAF). The theme of the 5-day convention is “Resilient Forests” and will include topics such as the legacy of the 1910 Big Burn, forest ecology, and resilient forests for the 22nd… Read More »

Idaho Property Taxes

In 2012 Idaho forest landowners will have an opportunity to redesignate their forest property tax option. Provisions of the 1982 tax law allow landowners the opportunity to change their tax option every ten years, and 2012 is a designated “change year.” Idaho forest landowners can select between two different property tax options – Productivity or… Read More »

Bill Love Joins IFM

We are excited to announce that long-time Idaho Department of Lands forester, Bill Love, recently joined the forestry staff of Inland Forest Management, Inc. Love, who recently retired from the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL), has a long and distinguished history of working with private forest landowners in Idaho in numerous capacities. His extensive knowledge,… Read More »

Fall 2011

Love and Passion Lead to National Tree Farm Award

Love and passion are the words that are repeated in virtually every conversation, newspaper article, or speech about the story behind our clients’ Steve and Janet Funk’s recent recognition as 2011 National Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year by the American Tree Farm System—the first ever winners from the State of Idaho in the Tree… Read More »

In Memory

IFM and the North Idaho tree farm family have lost some very special landowners over the last year or so. Two of these individuals, Bob Scates and Dean Stevens, just passed away within the last few months. Bob and Dean were a unique breed—dedicated to land stewardship and also active in the political realm of… Read More »

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