Wildfire Control


Inland Forest Management, Inc. has provided wildfire suppression expertise within the United States as well as overseas. In addition, the company has wildfire engines that have assisted in suppression efforts throughout the country. Although IFM is based within the Inland Northwest, we have provided extensive assistance in many locations including Texas, Florida and Georgia.

Our wildfire suppression staff includes former USFS Type I and Type II team members and highly qualified engine crew members. All suppression personnel are properly red carded and trained in the Incident Command System (ICS).

Currently, IFM has the following equipment equipped for wildfire suppression duty:

  • Seven Type 6 engines – 4×4, F-350 to 450, 250-350-gallon tanks, with BB4 pumps and foam units.
  • One Type 4 engine – Ford F-650 crew cab, 900-gallon tank, BB4 pump and foam unit
  • And New to our Fleet is a Type 5 engine – Ford F-550 with a 625 -gallon tank, BB4 pump and foam unit

All the above equipment is in excellent condition and has passed USFS inspection. Engines are equipped with a full complement of hose, fittings, hand tools, handheld radios and safety items.