IFM Young Guns

Spring 2017

Over the years our clients have become well acquainted with our older established foresters. But as time goes by IFM has also been blessed with the opportunity to bring on board younger, and very skilled, graduate foresters. I would like to introduce some of our newer faces.

Ryan Pennick
Ryan has worked with IFM since 2008. He has spearheaded the company’s forest inventory effort as well as has assisted landowners with their timber appraisals and management plans. He is a graduate of the University of Idaho, a Bonner county native and an avid sportsman. Ryan and wife Jessica, a Sandpoint High School teacher, have a son named Mathew. Ryan is a great guy, although he has a major shortcoming in that he roots for the Dallas Cowboys.
Shane Hoover
Shane joined IFM in 2011. He hails from the state of Maryland where he grew up and received a forest technician degree. He then saw the light and headed west to acquire a BS degree in forestry from the University of Idaho. Shane is involved with forest inventory projects, developing management plans and keeping everyone entertained with his quick wit and engaging banter.
Nick Zahler
Nick is from the great state of Oregon and began working for IFM in 2013. He also is a forestry graduate of the University of Idaho and is kept busy with forest inventory and helping landowners develop forest management plans. Nick explored the feasibility of raising goats and chickens in Sandpoint, but after they pecked and ate their way through his world, he liquidated his menagerie. Now he has moved into the big time with a horse.
Chris Terwilliger
Chris joined the IFM family in 2015 after working for Northwest Management Inc., another fine forestry consulting company. He also received his forestry degree from the University of Idaho, and although not quite as young as the others, he still has many miles left in his boots. He has a wide breadth of experience and knowledge, including a background in timber sale preparation and administration, forest inventory and planning, prescribed burning, and wildfire suppression and training. Chris and wife Brandi, a University of Idaho administrator, have 4 children.
*You may have noticed the heavy Vandal connection here. I want to assure you we do have education diversity within the company that also includes Michigan, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and of course the finest institution on the planet-Washington State University!

All these individuals also provide critical firefighting assistance during the wildfire season.
It is such a joy to work around these fun, enthusiastic and talented individuals. The future of the forestry profession is very bright.

Mike Wolcott, ACF, CF

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