July 2021

Fall 2021

Lumber prices have finally returned to earth, which certainly is a good sign for folks building a home or doing remodeling projects.  However, as we have discussed here previously, there is somewhat of a disconnect between lumber prices and what the local mills are paying for logs.  Log yard inventory is the main factor that influences log prices in our area, although lumber prices do have an impact.  So even though national lumber prices tripled earlier in 2021, we mostly experienced only a modest change in Inland Northwest log prices.  As is often the case, cedar is the exception.  There remains more competition among mills for a limited supply of this species, so prices responded upward.  


With that being said, log inventories continue to be high at our regional sawmills.  In fact, selected mills are off the market for new contracts at this time due to this situation.  This factor has generally lowered log prices that can be secured currently.


Mike Wolcott, ACF, Certified Forester

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