June 2021

Spring 2021

It’s been interesting watching the lumber/housing price world getting such big attention in the media.  I only wish we had sky-high log prices to also bring the limelight to forest landowners.  But no such luck.  With the continuing great logging weather, sawmills’ log inventories remain ample.  Cedar competition has increased over the last few months; however, it is starting to wane at the present time.  Markets for ponderosa pine have recently constricted due to an oversupply of logs.


A significant change in the log market is unlikely over the next few months.  Although there are a few factors to consider. On the one hand, a surplus of logs may lead selected mills to slow log deliveries, while a severe wildfire season could restrict logging and increase log demand.  Time will tell.  😊


Mike Wolcott, ACF, Certified Forester

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