Spring 2022

Wednesday, February 23, seemed like a perfect late winter day.  The snow pack was melting under a warm sun and at the office foresters, Lee and Elynn stared at computer screens while office manager Amber ran errands during her lunch break.

Elynn was the first to become aware of a sound that she likened to a dishwasher emptying water during its spin cycle.  But then she opened the door leading to the restrooms and water gushed forth like the Ice Age flood that followed the burst Cabinet Gorge ice dam that drained glacial Lake Missoula.  She waded to the source and discovered a waterfall cascading from a broken pipe.

Everyone took immediate action to minimize office damage.  Mike frantically searched for office space in a town where “available rental” is not a common commodity.  By some miracle, he secured an office.  The ensuing crazy weekend involved a cross-town office transfer and a record-setting reconnect of the computer network thanks to IT guru, Don Douglas.  By Monday morning IFM was up and running again.  Still, it is estimated that our return will be at least two months out.

Leave it to foresters to make an interesting observation during the first day in the new office.  The temporary office address is 1309 Ponderosa Drive, Suite 204.  The street name refers to a tree species that occupies dry forest sites.  (After the flood, dry is good.)  Ironically, however, Ponderosa Drive provides access to the McFarland Cascade / Stella Jones facility – a century-old manufacturer of cedar utility poles.   As you know, cedar grows on our moistest sites.  What? moist site???  The flood patrol continues!

Bill Love

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