Spring 2009

Even though the current economic climate and sagging log market have us singing the blues, this is an opportune time to enhance your forest and boost your peace of mind. Consider the following:

Although it is not a good time to sell timber, it is a good time to concentrate on other important projects such as forest planning, precommercial thinning and reforestation. There is even cost-share money available to help offset the costs associated with preparing management plans or completing planting and thinning projects.
A conservation easement is a great tool to consider when you wish to conserve the land you love. Because income tax advantages will be substantially reduced after this year, now could be the time to pursue this option and preserve your land.
Make time now to address critical estate planning issues. Developing the framework to transfer your forest to future generations is always important.
Please contact our office for information about any of these opportunities.

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