Twenty Five Years and Counting

Spring 2009

It’s hard to believe that a two-man forestry operation that started in 1984 with a well-traveled 1968 Ford pickup (nicknamed Jason) and a few far-fetched ideas shared while hauling yard debris would have survived and thrived for 25 years, but that’s the case with Inland Forest Management, Inc.

In the early 1980s, Dick Bradetich and Mike Wolcott, both Inland Northwest natives, were working for the Oregon Department of Forestry in Klamath Falls. One day, not knowing that an innocent act could set in motion a long chain of events, Dick volunteered to help Mike haul yard debris to the local dump. As they neared their destination conversation turned to future plans and dreams. Surprisingly, the pair discovered that they shared the same idea of starting a consulting forestry company in North Idaho. So, it is not stretching the truth to say that IFM took root in rotten grass, old limbs and fermented leaves! In fact, the pair may have been futurists, since bio-fuels and forest debris utilization are now all the talk in forestry.

Our journey has been remarkable! Along the way we have had the pleasure of getting to know many tremendous people – clients, employees, professional associates and others – and we get to work in God’s wonderland, the forest. How could it be any better?! We are truly blessed.

Please accept our thanks for making IFM what it is today.
Dick and Karen Bradetich
Mike and Cindy Wolcott

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