Log Prices in North Idaho and the Inland Northwest

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Inland Northwest Log Prices

SpeciesSeptember 2017June 2017April 2017February 2017November 2016
Douglas-Fir/Western Larch$400- $470/MBF$400-$450/MBF$375 -$430/MBF$365 -$420/ MBF$ 375 - $ 440 /MBF
Grand Fir/Western Hemlock$400- $450$390-$430$350 -$415$350 -$405$ 350 - $ 405
Ponderosa Pine$330 (6-7$370(6-7)- $380 (12+)$325 (6-7) - $370 (12"+)$325 (6-7) - $350 (12"+)$ 325 (6-7)
Lodgepole Pine$375- $450$375-$420$350 -$415$350 -$405$ 350 - $ 405
Western White Pine$390- $420$390- $420$390 -$420$390 -$420$ 390 - $ 420
Western Redcedar$1,100- $1,300$1,050- $1,500$850 -$1400$800 -$1,140$ 850 - $ 1,400
Cedar Poles**$1,600**$1,600*$1,600*$1,600*$ 1,600*
Tonwood$50/ton +/-$50/ton +/-$48/ton$48/ton +/-$ 48 /ton+/-
Pulp$28- $40/ton$24- $36/ton$48/ton+/-$25-$32/Ton$ 24 - $ 32 /ton

Note that these figures represent prices paid by competitive domestic facilities in the Inland Northwest, and are based on average-sized logs and standard log lengths—usually 16'6" and 33'. MBF = Thousand Boardfeet. *Pole value varies widely depending upon length. Information as of October 4, 2017.

About Current Log Prices

Although Prices are generally significantly higher than in the Spring, there has been little change over the last few months. The primary exception relates to cedar prices, which have softened recently. This development in the cedar market is the first time in nearly a year that prices for this species have waned after increasing about 25% during that time period. Prices are likely to hold, or move slightly higher, as we move into winter due to the strong market for lumber and plywood, and the need for mills to develop inventory levels for spring break-up.

Mike Wolcott, ACF, Certified Forester

This information is provided by Inland Forest Management, Inc., a forestry consulting company. For additional information, they can be contacted at 208-263-9420, IFM@inlandforest.com or www.inlandforest.com.