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A Sustainable Forest Doesn’t Happen By Accident

Forest Management Plans

The first step in a journey toward a well-managed forest is preparation of a forest management plan. The purpose of a plan is to provide an overview of your forest’s current condition and to offer recommendations that will help improve the forest according to your ownership objectives. A plan is also an educational tool that provides information about many aspects of forest management and explains how this knowledge relates to your property.

What does a plan include?

A plan includes several components. Foremost, it identifies your objectives as a forest landowner and describes the current condition of your forestland, based on a field inventory and observations. The plan then provides specific recommendations to improve your forest in line with your goals . It is our desire to provide a forest management plan that is educational and very useful to our clients.

IFM prepares a variety of management plans tailored to each landowner’s situation. Examples of these plans include:

  • Tax plans that meet state requirements for reduced property taxes. These plans are usually somewhat brief and inexpensive.
  • Forest management plans that meet requirements for federal cost-share programs. These plans are fairly detailed and provide in-depth information on the property and future recommendations. They are more expensive, but qualify for federal funding that usually covers most of the cost. These plans also meet the requirements for tax plans.

Timber Harvest

At no other time is there more “at stake” for your forest than when a logging operation is contemplated. Consequentially, there is no better time to secure our assistance. Rest assured that throughout the harvest process we protect your best interests. 

A few of our harvest-related services:

  • Owner consultation and forest examination
  • Determine harvest prescription (we provide suggestions, but remember it’s your forest)
  • Identify cutting boundaries
  • Designate harvest trees with paint
  • Prepare the harvest contract
  • Secure bids from reputable loggers
  • Market logs to maximize revenue
  • Conduct frequent harvesting inspections to ensure contract compliance (low-stumps, leave-tree protection, slash cleanup, etc.)
  • Ensure all payments are properly received and accounted for

Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Assistance

As a qualified Technical Service Provider (TSP) for the NRCS, IFM helps landowners secure federal money to develop forest plans and accomplish forest improvement activities on their land. 

Forest Estate Planning

The services of a consulting forester can be invaluable during the estate planning process or when addressing estate issues. In conjunction with other professionals, such as an attorney and accountant, we work to craft the best estate plan for your situation, or to assist with the forest valuation process required to settle an estate.

Other Services Include:

  • prescribed burning
  • wildfire suppression
  • absentee landowner representation
  • insect and disease detection and treatment
  • timber cruising
  • timber trespass
  • wildlife habitat enhancement
  • forest homesite development
  • forest stand improvement (thinning)
  • reforestation
  • timber related tax consultation
  • forest mapping
  • other forestry-related assistance

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