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Serving Clients since 1984

Manage Your Forest, Grow a Legacy

Inland Forest Management, Inc. (IFM) provides Professional Forest Management services to help you get more out of your forest — whether you’re focused on enjoyment, income or creating a family legacy. Our role is to work solely for the landowner. We diligently avoid conflicts of interest and strictly focus on your needs and welfare. It is our responsibility to implement sound, long-term forest management principles on your property.

As consulting foresters, we are not affiliated with a sawmill or logging company. Our loyalty lies with landowners, and our first obligation is to them, their forests, and their goals.

Our Services

Forest Management Plans

Forest Management Plans

The purpose of a plan is to provide an overview of your forest’s current condition and to offer recommendations that will help improve the forest according to your ownership objectives. 

Timber Valuation

Timber Valuation

Knowing the value of your timber is critical for estate planning, income tax determination, property sales, etc. IFM has extensive experience evaluating forest resources and accurately determining fair market value.

Timber Harvest

Timber Harvest

Our expertise ensures your objectives will be met during a harvest while seeing that your best interest are protected throughout the process

Federal Natural Resource Programs

Natural Resource Conservation

As certified Technical Service Providers with the Natural Resource Conservation Service, IFM assists landowners secure federal funding and accomplish forest improvement activities on their land

Benefits of Using Inland Forest Management, Inc

  • The peace of mind knowing a professional consulting forester is looking out for your welfare
  • Achievement of your objectives (e.g. financial, aesthetics, wildlife, recreation, etc.)
  • Improved forest growth and health
  • Getting the best value for your forest products
  • Minimized taxes
  • Protection of your forestland investment

Other Services Include:

  • forest tax management plans
  • absentee landowner representation
  • insect and disease detection and treatment
  • timber cruising and appraisals
  • timber trespass
  • wildlife habitat enhancement
  • forest homesite development
  • forest stand improvement (thinning)
  • reforestation
  • forest tax consultation
  • forest mapping
  • other forestry-related assistance
Consulting Foresters

A professional consulting forester helps you manage your forest resources. We can assist in forest management planning, implementing a timber sale, reforestation, minimizing your forestland taxes and many more services. Best of all, when we work with you, we are representing you and your best interests.

Estate Planning

The services of a consulting forester can be invaluable during the estate planning process or when addressing estate issues. In conjunction with other professionals, such as an attorney and accountant, we work to craft the best estate plan for your situation, or to assist with the forest valuation process required to settle an estate.

Conservation Easements

IFM provides a wide range of services to assist landowners and organizations with the conservation easement process.

Wildfire Control

IFM owns eight wildfire engines and provides fire suppression services throughout the country.

Hazardous Fuels

IFM administers grants and facilitates federal programs to reduce hazardous fuels, often at little to no cost to the landowner.


Maximizing wildlife presence on your land revolves around creating and maintain desirable habitat characteristics. IFM personnel are experts in designing and implementing projects to develop a wildlife-friendly forest.

Our Professional Foresters are Members of:

A Few of Our Clients

These are a few of our recognizable clients; however, the foundation of IFM is based on family forests.

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