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Idaho Shared Stewardship

While flipping TV channels recently, I inadvertently landed on C-SPAN2 instead of the March Madness college basketball game I intended to watch.  Instead of dunks

Western Redcedar: Facts, Bugs and Cruds

In their book Northwest Trees – Anniversary Edition, authors Stephen R. Arno and Ramona P. Hammerly begin their description of this native species, “Western redcedar

Hot Topic – Carbon Credits and Forestland

As energy costs soar and corporate America seeks ways to minimize their carbon footprint, added attention is being paid to the value of forestland as

A Wildfire Summer

Smokey skies, wildfire-driven evacuations, desert-like hot and dry weather – all characteristics of an Inland Northwest summer the last few years. What an unpleasant shift

Western White Pine

Our series of native tree species continues with western white pine (Pinus monticola).  Perhaps, because of its ecological and economic importance, we should have featured

Family Forestry In These Uncertain Times

Pandemic, Coronavirus, COVID-19  –  Were any of these medical terms on your mind during the fall of 2019 while cutting firewood, pruning trees, or grass

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Recently we began a series of articles exploring the Inland Northwest’s common tree species. In 2018 we highlighted western redcedar and last fall we looked

Contracts for Success

A key element to ensure success regarding any forest management activity involving individuals outside your family is the use of a clear, detailed contract. Contracts

But I Had a Contract…

A number of years ago a very unhappy elderly lady approached us concerning a logging operation that had recently occurred on her property. She described

New Idaho Fire Season Requirements

The Idaho Department of Lands is implementing a new set of logging operation requirements for the upcoming (2019) fire season. They are as follows: 1.

A Long Days’ Night

A number of years ago, long before the convenience of cell phones, Dick Bradetich and I (partners in Inland Forest Management, Inc.) were under the

Mother Nature’s Towers with Solar Panels Part Two — The Solar Panels

A past issue of Tree Talk (Spring 2018) quoted an anecdote by Professor Jay O’Laughlin, retired director of the College of Natural Resource’s Policy Analysis

Idaho’s New Trespass Law

 Major changes in Idaho’s trespass law took place on July 1, 2018. Most of the changes are very beneficial to private landowners; however, there is

More on Western Redcedar

In last spring’s issue of Tree Talk we addressed two important questions regarding the high value of western redcedar logs: 1) What is causing these

Mother Nature’s Towers with Solar Panels

Professor Jay O’Laughlin, retired director of the College of Natural Resource’s Policy Analysis Group at the University of Idaho, was noted for his many informative


The concluding words of a current L.L. Bean television commercial showing people recreating outdoors says, “Be an outsider.” Of course, you can guess the brand

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Sundance Fire

“On September 1, 1967 the lightning-caused Sundance Fire made an unprecedented 6 mile wide, 28 mile long run from near the western base of Sundance


In the maiden issue of Tree Talk way back in 1997, a feature article discussed Idaho trespass laws and the steps landowners can take to

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