Let’s Go Girls!

To most forestry professionals and forestland owners alike it comes as no surprise to hear that historically forestry has been a male-dominated field. But move over guys! More and more women are finding themselves making important forest management decisions and becoming the sole owner and manager of their family’s forestlands.

It is critical that anyone making forest management decisions has a certain level of forestry knowledge and confidence in their decision-making ability; the future of our forests depend on it! Thanks to the Women in the Woods classes, female forestland managers can attend an education event that is tailored to them. In 2024, more female professionals than ever before work in natural resource management, and they are coming together to inspire women to be more active in managing their family-owned forests.

Organized for the first time last year by the Idaho Department of Lands and the University of Idaho Forestry Extension, a pair of classes gave female landowners the opportunity to interact with a lineup of women forestry experts from all over North Idaho. The goal was to encourage and guide landowners to gain a deeper understanding of their forest resource and the management options available to them. Last year’s events were a great success, and it is an honor to be invited back to present at both the second annual Women in the Woods Workshop (4/5/24) and the Field Day (5/10/24). See you in the woods ladies!

To register online go to: BIT.LY/clearwater_events

Elynn Reierson