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Contracts for Success

A key element to ensure success regarding any forest management activity involving individuals outside your family is the use of a clear, detailed contract. Contracts are critical to convey your desired outcome and protect your welfare. The goal of a contract is to serve as an organ of understanding between a landowner and contractor. It communicates your expectations to the logger in order for him to know what is required of him and how to price his services. A contract provides guidance for a wide range of activities, including:
• Consulting forester engagement
• Logging operations
• Cutting line agreements
• Road building
• Reforestation activities
• Pre-commercial thinning
• Surveying
Well-written contracts minimize conflicts, foster positive relationships, and result in increased satisfaction for both the landowner and the contractor. In addition to the normal boiler plate clauses, most contracts include the following key elements:
• Performance bond
• Insurance requirements, including additional insured
• Project specifications
• Timing
• Payment
Inland Forest Management, Inc. has developed numerous contracts over the years to address the specific needs and protect the interests of our clients. These contracts are an essential component of implementing sound, long-term forest management activities.
Oh, you might have noticed I mentioned contracts being important for forestry activities involving individuals outside your family. Actually, a contract may be the best investment you ever made when your cousin Bob starts logging the back 40!

Please note that this information is not intended to be legal advice. IFM encourages our clients to have documents reviewed by their legal counsel.


-Mike Wolcott, ACF, Certified Forester

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