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ACF and CF?

You may have noticed the initials “ACF” or “CF” following some of our names. These initials designate our membership in the Association of Consulting Foresters of America (ACF) or the fact that we are Certified Foresters (CF). Both of these credentials indicate a deep commitment to forestry and require extensive qualifications.

ACF is a national organization which provides the framework for individuals to practice consulting forestry. The rigorous membership requirements for ACF include earning a B.S. degree in Forestry, completion of consulting forestry classes, five years of experience, endorsements by other foresters and clients, and adherence to a strict code of ethics. In addition, ACF members may not have any conflicts of interests that compromise the client’s best interest (such as buying logs). In the Inland Northwest, there are 22 ACF members.


Dick and Mike have been particularly active in ACF, both individuals having served on numerous national committees. In addition, Dick and his wife, Karen, have attended 14 consecutive national meetings!

The CF designation stands for Certified Forester. Requirements for Certified Foresters include passing a national forestry exam, earning a B.S. degree from an approved natural resource university, and a minimum of five years of forestry experience. This national program is administered by the Society of American Foresters. All foresters are eligible for this designation, whether or not they practice consulting forestry.


With so much “at stake” in your forest, it is important that you deal with qualified individuals when developing and implementing your forest management plan. By seeking out individuals with these credentials you can be assured of high quality performance.

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