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Forest Owner Associations


You own forestland

Action Plan:

  • Join Forest Owner Association!
  • Insure most favorable property tax rate
  • Develop forest management plan
  • Consider…….

Oops! Did you forget step 1 — join your state’s Forest Owner Association? Unfortunately, many people do forget, and all landowners suffer.

These organizations play a critical role in promoting forest owners’ interests, while providing wonderful educational opportunities. In state legislative sessions, it is only the Forest Owners Association that strictly focuses on your welfare. In fact, securing step 2, low property taxes, falls directly under the associations’ protective umbrella.

Okay, you say “that is all fine and good, but what do I personally get from membership?” Good question—the answer— knowledge and camaraderie. Membership in the Idaho Forest Owners Association or the Washington Farm Forestry Association includes a subscription to Northwest Woodlands magazine. This is an excellent publication that provides down-to-earth information targeted toward helping landowners manage their forestland. In addition, educational meetings and tours sponsored by these groups help to increase your knowledge as well as providing opportunities to meet other people with your interests.

The annual membership fee for the Idaho Forest Owners Association (IFOA) is $25.00, and $50.00 for the Washington Farm Forestry Association (WFFA) membership. Contact Arleen Pence at 208-762-9059 for information about the IFOA. Additional information regarding membership in WFFA can be found at the web site

If you’re not a member—join now! If you are a member—good job, you’re helping yourself and other forest owners.

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